Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY: a not so cosmic shoes

Galaxy Print Shoes: Do-it or Buy-it. 
I wanted one when I saw a picture of cosmic shoes on tumblr but unfortunately the shop where the internet lead me to is a from a different country and the price is with a dollar sign $ (and shipping fee costs more than what you are going to actually buy). So basically, that's not really practical. When I see things that I fancy on the internet I make my research on it before I buy it online. My final decision before I fill-up an order form are these (only applies to things I think I can make): 
(1)Do I really like it (can I not shoo it off my mind after a week)? but not really because I do impulse buying
(2)Can I find a cheaper version of it @ divisoria/tutuban/quiapo/greenhills? 
(3) Is it different, is it unique, is it one of a kind? but not really  because I really don't mind being in a crowd where we look like we are joining a dance competition of sorts.
(4)With all my passion (hahaha passion daw) and research abilities can I really make one? (this is part of me where I am a trying-hard-with-thoughts-of-I-can-make-a-better-version-of-that-thing person). but not really(again?!), depende pa kapag sinisipag ako.
See what I did there? I am so inconsistent

Back to the cosmic shoes that I DIY-ed Did It Myself. 
In the internet, Google is my bestfriend and she told me that a certain blogger has a tutorial on how to make one. All that is left for me to do is read the blog and take note of the steps and read it again and again (slow ako eh). 

These are my materials
Prepare the materials to save time and effort :P

Painting on a cut off of a jeans, I was aiming for the one in the middle.
ze cosmic prints
Unfortunately when I was already painting the shoes I didn't get what I was aiming for (things could still go wrong, nagpractice pa ako :/). I think my mistake was that I should have painted white after the black because the color of the shoes is already dark to start off as compared to the color of the denim which has a lighter color.

Even though the shoes didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be I still like it! (read: syempre, compelled kang magustuhan ang sariling gawa mo) 

Lo and Behold my cosmic shoes! (na parang winisikan lang ng white paint kapag malayo)
keri naman kapag malapitan
eh dapat ipakitang nakasuot

isa pa oh

This project adds up to my pseudo-artistry artistry (walang kokontra! hahaha). Actually gaya-gayahan lang yan. :D

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